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Recognising that mind and body are not separate opens door for new treatments

Hannah Devlin, ‘Recognising that mind and body are not separate opens door for new treatments’,, Guardian News and Media (3 November 2017)

Fundamental problem

There is now a compelling body of evidence that brain disorders can also originate from things going awry in our basic biology. (…) Particularly intriguing is the discovery that the brain, once thought to be separated from the immune system by the blood-brain barrier, is powerfully influenced by immune activity. (…) Scientists are showing that immune activity may play a role in a broad spectrum of mental disorders, ranging from depression to dementia. (…) Perhaps most striking has been the discovery of an entire network of vessels beneath the skull, linking the brain and the immune system, that had surprisingly been overlooked until very recently. (…) It has been a fundamental problem that the brain and mind have been seen as somehow separate entities, and that physical and mental healthcare are separate.

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