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3 Ways Emotional Neglect From Childhood Robs Your Joy

Jonice Webb PhD, ‘3 Ways Emotional Neglect From Childhood Robs Your Joy’,, Psych Central (23 Jan 2018)

Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN)

Growing up in a household that under-responds to your emotions (CEN) leaves its mark on you. It leaves you blocked from your richest internal resource: your feelings. (…) It burdens you with shame, self-blame, and self-directed anger. (…) It dampens the color in your life. (…) It changes your brain. (…) It is entirely possible for you to reverse the joy-sapping effects of the CEN you were raised with. (…) Accept and believe that your feelings do matter. (…) Stop blaming yourself. (…) Look for small moments of joy.

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