With The Return To Normalcy, We Might Be Feeling Anything But Normal

Nicole Lipkin, ‘With The Return To Normalcy, We Might Be Feeling Anything But Normal’, https://www.forbes.com/sites/nicolelipkin/2021/06/22/with-the-return-to-normalcy-we-might-be-feeling-anything-but-normal/, Forbes Media LLC (Jun 22, 2021)

Given the range of events we all suffered through in 2020 it would be weird if we didn’t feel some sort of post-traumatic response. In fact, The American Psychoanalytic Association’s COVID-19 Advisory Team has given “pandemic effect” its own name: the Pandemic Trauma and Stress Experience (PTSE). (…) We have been in fight or flight mode for over a year, which is our body’s protective mode. When it senses the danger is over it begins to calm down, which might appear as if everything is returning to normal—or should—but that is when the post-pandemic symptoms emerge. (…) Our bodies and minds need more time to accept the new reality. Our nervous system needs time to accept this next phase. (…) And with that said, everyone’s nervous system will be different. This past year has been extremely traumatic and unprecedented; we thus don’t have anything to point to for coping strategies. (…) Trauma doesn’t have a specific timeline, a specific start and end point. (…) Coming out of 2020 is a process. We probably won’t fully recognize the effect that the past year had on us until a year or so from now. For the time being we have to do what we can to keep ourselves rooted in happiness, to the best of our ability.