Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds

James Clear, ‘Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds’, https://jamesclear.com/why-facts-dont-change-minds, JAMES CLEAR (bezocht op 19 oktober 2021)

Understanding the truth of a situation is important, but so is remaining part of a tribe. While these two desires often work well together, they occasionally come into conflict. (…) In many circumstances, social connection is actually more helpful to your daily life than understanding the truth of a particular fact or idea. (…) We don’t always believe things because they are correct. Sometimes we believe things because they make us look good to the people we care about. (…) Facts don’t change our minds. Friendship does. (…) The closer you are to someone, the more likely it becomes that the one or two beliefs you don’t share will bleed over into your own mind and shape your thinking. (…) Each time you attack a bad idea, you are feeding the very monster you are trying to destroy. (…) Feed the good ideas and let bad ideas die of starvation. (…) If the goal is to actually change minds, then I don’t believe criticizing the other side is the best approach. (…) Be kind first, be right later.