Psychosis in Pregnancy and the Postpartum

Cynthia Dorrestijn, ‘Psychosis in Pregnancy and the Postpartum’,, Psychiatrie | Filosofie, iSPS Nederland Vlaanderen (bezocht op 10 mei 2022)

For everyone interested in feminist, psychosocial and psychonanalytic perspectives on psychosis during and after pregnancy, on Friday May 13th (in the international ‘maternal mental health’ month) the working group ‘Te Gekke Moeders’ (Mad Mothers) organizes in collaboration with the Dutch ‘Foundation for Psychiatry and Philosophy’ (Stichting Psychiatrie en Filosofie) and ISPS The Netherlands-Flanders a webinar with dr. Marie Brown.

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Het Hapsis Huis radio LIVE over postpartumpsychose met Alke Haarsma-Wisselink van 11 juni 2021: