All There Is To Know About Somatic Awareness

Mandy Kloppers, ‘All There Is To Know About Somatic Awareness’,, Thoughts on Life and Love (bezocht op 29 september 2022)

Somatic awareness has progressed greatly in the last century, especially in the west. This can be seen in the increased focus on physical fitness and health, from yoga to athletics to dieting. While these techniques are a good way to focus one’s attention, most mental health specialists are quick to point out that self-awareness does not end at the surface. (…) The more somatic practitioners know themselves, the better they are able to relate to other people. (…) Having a greater awareness of one’s body also leads to an increased consciousness of one’s thoughts and emotions. (…) Similarly to the mind, the body also clings to past memories and experiences, as evident in how one feels or reacts to certain situations. (…) Somatic awareness allows people to deal with their traumas. (…) There is a growing body of scientific evidence that suggests mind-body interventions can balance the vestibular and proprioceptive systems that control balance, spatial orientation, and body awareness. It also reduces symptoms of depression, anxiety, and vertigo. (…) Somatic awareness is one of the most powerful tools in today’s busy world. It allows people to better understand the mind-body connection and develop self-confidence.