FAU Researchers Say ‘Personality Does Matter’

‘FAU Researchers Say ‘Personality Does Matter’, http://www.newswise.com/articles/fau-researchers-say-personality-does-matter, Newswise (21-May-2015). Personality and situation Results (…) provide direct empirical support for the notion that real-world human behavior is a function of both the person and the situation. (…) Both personality and situation characteristics independently predicted real-time expressions of behavior and emotion as there were very few interactions… Lees verder FAU Researchers Say ‘Personality Does Matter’

Vrijheid van meningsuiting

Paul de Blot, ‘Vrijheid van meningsuiting’, http://pauldeblot.nl/2015/05/15/vrijheid-van-meningsuiting/, Weblog over business en spiritualiteit (15 May 2015). Bestaansniveau Op het diepste bestaansniveau is de verantwoordelijkheid van de vrijheid nog sterker. Vrijheid is dan gericht op het welzijn van de mens, door zowel zijn eigen leven als die van zijn medemens zinvol te maken. (…) Voor vrijheid gekoppeld… Lees verder Vrijheid van meningsuiting

Stuttering linked to rhythm perception deficiency

‘Stuttering linked to rhythm perception deficiency’, http://msutoday.msu.edu/news/2015/stuttering-linked-to-rhythm-perception-deficiency/, Michigan State University (May 19, 2015). Interventions Stuttering has primarily been interpreted as a speech motor difficulty, but this is the first study that shows it’s related to a rhythm perception deficit – in other words, the ability to perceive and keep a beat. (…) It identifies potential… Lees verder Stuttering linked to rhythm perception deficiency